The logfile looks like this:
   URL-Checker 1.3
URL-Checker Logfile:
Checked URL: http://sourceforge.net
Check started at: Date: 08/11/2007 Time: 20:56:32
(date and time of your local host)
Interval: 1000 ms   A = Availability (experimental!)

Please note: the calculated availability CAN, but MUST NOT mean the
ACTUAL availability of your website/server! The connection could also have
been interrupted between you and your ISP/Gateway and it is likely to be
affected by many other influences which haven't been caused
by your webhosting provider!
1 Date: 08/11/2007 Time: 20:56:35 || http://sourceforge.net connection successful. || A: 100.0%  
2 Date: 08/11/2007 Time: 20:56:36 || http://sourceforge.net connection successful. || A: 100.0%  
3 Date: 08/11/2007 Time: 20:56:38 || http://sourceforge.net connection successful. || A: 100.0%  
Info: URL-Checker has been stopped by pressing the STOP-Button (Date: 08/11/2007 Time: 20:59:29).
  The checked URL was: http://sourceforge.net
  Overall availability was 100.0 %  (downtime in days): 0.0
  Thanks for using URL-Checker 1.3!   Stay in touch - and visit http://sourceforge.net/projects/url-checker
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v. 1.3
URL-Checker is a small Java-application, which periodically connects to a specified URL and writes the results (i. e. " connection successful/failed") to a logfile. A nice tool for webmasters to monitor the availability of a website.
URL-Checker was developed with Netbeans and Eclipse.
Note: Version 1.3 of URL-Checker requires the Java Runtime Environment 6.
If you have an older version of java installed please download URL-Checker 1.2!
Webmaster, die wissen möchten, wie gut die Verfügbarkeit (Availability) ihrer Website ist werden sich über das
Open-Source-Programm URL-Checker freuen. URL-Checker überprüft in frei definierbaren Zeitintervallen, ob die Verbindung zu einer Website hergestellt werden kann und schreibt die Ergebnisse (auf Wunsch) in ein Logfile. Es besteht zudem die Möglichkeit, die Verbindung zur Website über einen HTTP-Proxy herzustellen.
URL-Checker ist im Oktober komplett überarbeitet worden und kann nun in der Version 1.3 heruntergeladen werden. URL-Checker wurde in Java programmiert und mit Netbeans und Eclipse entwickelt.
Hinweis: Die neue Version 1.3 benötigt das Java Runtime Environment 6!
URL-Checker 1.3 uses Swingworker and therefore requires the JRE 6
URL-Checker 1.2 dosen't use Swingworker and requires only the JRE 1.5
- Both versions have been tested on WinXP only. Not tested on linux machines!
Developed with:
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